Modern Cowboy Opening at David Dike Fine Art a Huge Success - Thank You!

Thank you to all who came to the opening of Modern Cowboy at David Dike Fine Art! - What an incredible turn-out - many people, many red dots. - Thank you very much for supporting my work - I appreciate you! - The show will be up for a few more weeks. Many pieces sold, but a number of great works still available! - 

With my good friend Anita Swift  - John Wayne's granddaughter

With the great artist and dealer Chapman Kelley (2nd from left) and friends.







Jon Flaming's Modern Cowboy at David Dike Fine Art!

Hello friends! - Please mark your calendars - "Modern Cowboy" opens at David Dike Fine Art on Thursday, May 2, from 5:30 - 8:30pm. You are invited! - Bring your friends and enjoy wine and hors d'oeuvres and a fun evening of art!




"Jon Flaming Blazes a True Texan's Trail"

I've been working on my newest series of paintings entitled "Modern Cowboy" for the past year. David Dike Fine Art will show the work this spring. - In the meantime, a number of folks, including the John Wayne family, have become very interested in what I'm creating. The most recent interest comes from The Dallas Market Center where they've featured my work in their new magazine called Spark! 

Thank you Guillermo Tragant and Cole Daugherty for the feature in the inaugural issue of Spark Magazine. And thank you Lee Escobedo for crafting such a cool story about my work/vision. And thanks to photographer Stewart Cohen for the great images. - And to Amy Walton for setting it all up! - I appreciate you guys! -  



John Wayne Partners with Jon Flaming

Thank you Ethan Wayne & Casey Holland for asking me to partner with you in promoting the iconic & legendary John Wayne Brand! - 

From The John Wayne Organization:

We are excited to announce our upcoming collaboration between John Wayne & Texas artist Jon Flaming! Make sure you’re following John Wayne Brand & Jon Flaming for news on release dates 

Jon Flaming:
John Wayne Brand:


Modern Cowboy Series