Country Tavern BBQ, Kilgore, Texas

My dad and I enjoy traveling the backroads of Texas to find great BBQ. We were not disappointed in the food at Country Tavern BBQ a few weeks ago! -  Roger and Ivy Lee Sloan opened the original Country Tavern Café beside their liquor store during the Great East Texas Oil Boom in 1939. Then and now, the property sits near several honky-tonks and liquor stores clustered at the Gregg County line, just across from “dry” Smith County. Celebrities Larry Hagman, Robert Duvall, Sandy Duncan, and George Bush have all feasted there.

Country Tavern BBQ, Kilgore, Texas, 36 x 48 inches, oil on canvas, 2018


Texas Dance Halls & Honky Tonks

Singing Cowboy, 60 x 48 inches, oil on canvas, 2018. 18,500.00

Longhorn Ballroom, 48 x 36 inches, acrylic on canvas, 2018. 10,500.00

Gruene Hall, 48 x 36 inches, acrylic on canvas, 2018. 10,500.00 (sold)


Welcome Hunters, Hamilton, Texas


The Como Motel - Richardson, Texas

The Como Motel, Richardson, Texas, 48 x 60 inches, oil on canvas, 2018. I grew up less than a mile from this motel. Built in 1964, it is located on the east side of Central Expressway sandwiched between Pappadeaux restaurant and a Ferrari dealership. I'm guessing this old motel is living on borrowed time which is why I wanted to put it down on canvas before someone comes along and puts it down with a wrecking ball. 


Ten50 BBQ in Richardson, Texas Acquires Jon Flaming Work

My first thought when asked about having my work in a BBQ restaurant was no. But when I saw and heard what Preston Evans and his team at Ten50 BBQ were doing, I jumped at the opportunity. This is not your typical BBQ joint - it is a beautifully executed restaurant space with clean lines and room to breath visually. It is a very tasteful take on the normally cluttered BBQ eatery. I am very happy to be a part of what is going on at Ten50! - Thank you Preston Evans for asking me to come along for the ride! - And thank you William Weisiger (manager at Ten50) for your hospitality!