The "Roads Less Traveled" catalog is done! "The most important Neo-Regionalist show in 20 years" says William Reaves

Just finished printing the catalog for the "Roads Less Traveled" show that previews April 9 at William Reaves Fine Art in Houston! - The opening reception with artist will happen on April 24th. Please stop by if you are in town! Also, I will be giving away a painting - "Bait & Tackle"! (see last page of catalog below) - Purchase a piece of art from the show and you will automatically be entered into the drawing. The winner will be announced after the Art Talk on May 1st! Here's the online catalog for you to preview. Thanks for taking a look!






"Roads Less Traveled" Show opens in one month - April 9!

Just finished shooting all the pieces for the show with my good friend Adam Fish. He did an awesome job capturing all the work with his camera. Thanks Adam! - I am feverishly finishing up the design of the catalog so that I can send to printer this week. It is coming together nicely and should be a really cool book. My artist friend Brett Johnston stopped by the studio to lend a critical eye - Thanks Brett! - Bill Reaves, Steve Gaskin, Sarah Beth Wilson and Francine Carraro continue to be a great deal of help as the date draws near - Thanks guys! - Here are a few sneak preview images from the catalog of the upcoming show. - Thanks for looking :) Hope to see you in Houston! 

Here's the inside cover and title page

A spread from the Panhandle Plains region


A spread from the Big Bend region


A spread from the Hill country region


A spread from the Gulf coast region


Here's a spread from the Prairies and Lakes region


A spread from the South Texas Plains region


Update. - "The Roads Less Traveled" Show - Opens April 9!

Putting final touches on 35 pieces for show that opens April 9 at William Reaves Fine Art in Houston. Only 2 weeks left before Adam Fish photographs all the pieces so that I can start designing/producing the 48 page catalog that will accompany the show. Feeling the pressure :) Have been working until 1:00a.m. every night for past 11 months preparing for what I hope will be a great exhibit of contemporary neo-regionalist Texas art. Dr. Francine Carraro - director of the Grace Museum in Abilene - has delivered a wonderful essay that will be part of the catalog and William Reaves is in the process of writing an introduction. Thank you Francine & Bill! - More to come!



"The Roads Less Traveled" - Opens April 9

The Roads Less Traveled/Jon Flaming's Texas opens in Houston at William Reaves Fine Art on April 9, 2010.

A year ago, Bill Reaves graciously asked me if I would be interested in creating new work for a solo exhibit at his gallery. I jumped at the opportunity - and for the last 10 months have been working on paintings & constructions of people, places and things in Texas that are only found off the beaten path. From the Panhandle Plains, Big Bend Country, Hill Country and Prairies & Lakes to the Piney Woods, South Texas Plains and Gulf Coast, I've explored all 7 regions of Texas and created 40 new works that focus on the byways of the lone star state. - And like the state of Texas, the work is big & bold with a natural rugged quality that is characteristic of the people and places I've come across in my travels.

Also, I am very excited that Dr. Francine Carraro - director of the Grace Museum in Abilene - will be writing the essay for the catalog! - Thank you Francine.

Here's a sneak peak. - More to come!

Big Tex - Canyon, Texas


Pump Jack/Jack Rabbit - Pampa, Texas

Abandoned Buildings - Orla, Texas



Happy New Year from Jon Flaming Design